Tommy Hilfiger’s smart clothing will gift you every time you wear it

· 2 mins read

If you thought technology at the current time is only limited to your pocket and wrists, you are very wrong as now you can wear one. And courtesy goes to the launch of smart clothing range from Tommy Hilfiger. Without the need for any extra arrangements or devices, you are connected to technology as the clothes will have smart chip technology embedded in the fabric.

Named as the Awear’s Solution’s smart tags, this will be there in clothing as well as accessories but to everyone’s disappointment, these are not the ones that will calculate your heart rate and burnt calories. Instead, it keeps a track of how frequently you sport the clothing and in which you travel wearing those. Bluetooth connectivity with the smartphone application is how the micro-chips work.

What it does is reward you with point’s every time you wear any of those particular items and even influences you to collect virtual hearts present in numerous locations. Sounds like Pokemon Go? Indeed it functions in a similar way with one primary difference, you can exchange the hearts for discounts, gift cards, fashion shows and much more.

As of yet, Tommy Hilfiger has launched a total of 23 items that include every day casual wear, backpacks and hats. The company even respects your privacy concerns thus they have created encrypted tags where you can erase the data and turn off the tags as per your wish.

Visit or the Flagship store in New York to get your hands on one.