To keep the employees active, Apple is ready for the standing room.

· 2 mins read

Apple Park is the multi-billion headquarter of the company. Spread over an area of 175 acres and measuring 2,800,000 square feet, this doughnut-shaped spaceship is the working place of over 12,000 employees. But what makes this new majestic office the talking point? It is only equipped with standing desks. It’s an all standing space where every employee has to work the entire time standing. No matter how unusual and pathetic it sounds, this is the hard reality as excessive sitting leads to more complications in every possible way.

The current lifestyle we follow makes us sit more and stand less and that is extremely harmful. From entertainment to working environments, everything makes you sit more, killing you from inside. The surprising statistical analysis from a professor shows how sitting is killing more people than smoking with every passing day.

Although the information on the desks is yet to be disclosed, experts are hinting at the well built 90,000 INR desks from Vitra to be the primary standing desks. Tim Cook’s prime intention is aimed at improving the health and well being of his employees by making them sit less and move more. The 100,000 square feet fitness center is an amazing addition to the building and two miles of walking path influences every single soul to move more. A standout and much appreciated step from Apple to make every life better.