Things to know about Apple Watch Series 4

ยท 2 mins read

The Apple Watch Series 3 has the sailed the boat steadily for a very long time. It has impressed a huge customer base from around the world with its unmatched performances and obviously the stand out design. The numbers have hit unbelievable records and Apple currently sits at the top of the list of watchmakers in the world today.

Like every year, now we all can expect the launch of the latest addition to the line of smartwatches from the tech giant, the Apple watch series 4. It is that time of the year when the model will be launched, so here is what you can expect to have on your wrists soon.

The series 4 will have a 15% larger display than its predecessor and has a 0.25 mm extension of the back crystal. Also, with rumours flocking the tech world, the idea of a round display Apple watch cannot be ruled out.

A better screen in terms of display and power consumption is highly anticipated as the people who are close to the project mentioned about the use of upgraded MicroLED screens.

Plus, the S4 system is a huge boost as it may reward the watch with 1GB of RAM.

Though the reputation for battery life has not been very impressive, we still can hope for something better.

A deeper dive into the world of fitness and health tracking is certainly very well expected.

Sleep tracking could finally come on board with the Series 4.

Keep your hopes high as we all are, the Apple watch Series 4 will be nothing less than a blast with some pretty alluring features.