These are the top Smart Glucometers for testing blood sugar

· 2 mins read

While diabetes is growing steadily among the mass, a non-invasive technique for the measurement of blood sugar is yet to hit the market. The growing demand of the latter is a matter of concern for various companies, as of yet, only Smart Glucometres is what you can have access to. They are what you can call something in between as they use the same method as a glucometre but the automated convenience does the further job with a smartphone application only.

Few options you can go consult for a better experience in blood glucose monitoring.

iHealth Align

The lancing device use strips where the lancing device will be used to obtain the blood sample while the test strip has to be used in the dedicated strip port. It combined with smartphones and tablets via the headphone jack and the results of the test are automatically uploaded on the smartphone application. The applications are well designed with a very good user interface.

iHealth Smart

Considered to be the big brother of the iHealth Align, it has the same functionality with an added advantage of wireless connectivity to upload the results on the cloud. It works even when the mobile device is away from your reach.


Similar functionality allows connectivity with iPods and iPhones. This device allows connectivity via the headphone jack and is even capable of storing the last 300 test results for better history.

One Touch Verio Sync

Designed to work with iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad, the results from this device can be synced to the app via Bluetooth. This allows for an enhanced user experience in blood glucose monitoring. The list doesn’t end here and there are couple more devices like these if not more to help you with blood glucose monitoring on the go.