The Wear OS of Google and Samsung Tizen are Merging

ยท 1 min read

Googles Wear OS and Samsung foundation Tizen OS are merging and sensational benefits are expected from the user end. The companies have officially announced the merging of the Two OS with a plain name “Wear”, which may be the final one.

Irrespective of the name, the merged platform will show significant improvisations in terms of battery life, better responses, app loading time, and more on the go. This is going to be a one-stop wearable OS for smart devices with the Android platform. Samsung has confirmed that the upcoming galaxy smartwatch will be implemented with this new unified OS. Samsung watches will continue to have the round rotating bezel on their device. The news also quotes that the ‘Fitbit’ smartwatch will also be running on this unified software, therefore there is an option to include the Fitbits health tool.

The exact result of the merge will only be known once the OS starts running on smart wearables. Samsung also promises a 3-year software update on the existing smartwatch and allows it to export data to future devices for all the current Samsung smartwatch users.