The use of technology to improve tennis games.

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The inception of technology in sports and combining it in various ways to make the game better is an amazing evolution. Among the various sports, it was tennis who got influenced by technology back in 2007 and was the first one to do so as well. Since then, multiple advancements have been incorporated targeted to make your game better, enhancing the accuracy of every game and even dishing out a plethora of statistics that come in handy.

When we talk about technology, data collecting sensors were the first to make its mark on the tennis court. Though they do not sit anywhere close to the court, the primary function lies in gathering information and then making you aware of your statistics in the game. From technique, swing to strength, they cover a lot of ground, inspiring you to get better at the game. Babolat Pure Drive Racket, Sony Tennis Sensor, Qlipp Tennis Sensor, and Zepp Tennis Swing Analyzer are some of the best names in this field.

When it comes to the accuracy of courts, Hawk-Eye still remains the best but newer inventions of smart court system like Mojjo and Playsight has impressed a lot with their methodology. This system gives the court multiple fixed cameras to check lines, faults, and player movement. Furthermore, Technis, the Swiss start-up is coming up with a technology that rewards you with a tactile surface and directly makes the court interactive. It is designed to record bounces, player positions, and every type of movement.

Last but not the least, now anyone can feel like a professional player as Tennis Analytic has come up with a service that allows you to send the raw video footage and receive a detailed analysis of your game, just like in a professional match. It covers every single statistic you would like to know about the game.