Golf Upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy Watch

· 1 min read

The Samsung Galaxy Watch was launched in August 2018 and now the Korean company has announced a special edition specifically designed for golfers – the Galaxy Watch Golf Edition.

This variant of the smartwatch will allow users to access the Smart Caddie app to track shots, keep record, learn about the green and more.

In short, the Galaxy Watch Golf Edition is pretty much the same as the Galaxy Watch in terms of the design but with a golf-centric software. It is trying to rival the dedicated golf wearables with its database of 60,000 courses across the globe, insightful information on shot tracking and more. But there are a lot of unknowns – will it help golfers with real-time weather updates, tips in between shots and so on.

This special edition with golf upgrade will initially be available only in the company’s own territory. The 46mm and 42mm versions will be sold for the equivalent of 28,000 INR and 26,500 INR respectively.

The wait for the rest of the world will be a tad longer! But when it comes, it would be wise to compare it with Garmin’s specialist golf trackers before you jump in to grab the edition.