The Updated Wahoo Tickr and Tickr X: More Features for Runners

· 2 mins read

The popular Tickr and Tickr X chest straps from Wahoo received an update recently, adding some prized features. This series of heart rate monitor straps were popular among cyclists and runners. The new devices have gone slimmer – including the strap it weighs a mere 48g – making it the lightest in its category. The new ANT+ antenna – a feature we mostly see in Garmin – along with Bluetooth connectivity enables you to broadcast your statistics and measurements to up to 3 devices simultaneously.

This is a helpful feature for cyclists. The newly added LED helps the users determine if the pairing has been successful. Among devices, Tickr X seems to have received additional features worth our attention. In addition to heart rate, it is now capable of tracking vertical oscillation, tempo and ground contact time – features that will interest runners. These features are usually seen in high-end Garmin devices. The newly added Running Smoothness metric by Wahoo again favours the runners. This wraps up all metrics measured by the device into one metric – making it easier to grade the quality of your run. Up to 50 hours of workout data can now be stored in the sensor – so you need not carry around your phone to sync during the workout.

The data can be browsed with Wahoo Fitness app on your smartphone. The battery should last for as long as 500 hours – that’s nearly 4 months if you work out for 4 hours a day. The Product Manager at Wahoo, Katie DuPree emphasises on comfort on wearing the newest Tickr and Tickr X monitors. Packed with more functionalities for runners and extended battery life, it is suitable for a quick run or even to track a full marathon. The new Wahoo Tickr is priced at 12,700 INR and Tickr X, which has more features is priced at 13,500 INR. They will be available for users from 7th May.