The top 9 features that will make Google Pixel Watch exclusive

· 2 mins read

Google’s Pixel brand watch has been something the world is looking forward to and has successfully kept everyone one of us in clouds of confusion as well anticipation owing to the lack of right information on the watch. Evan Blass, a tech journalist tweeted about the introduction of the Pixel branded watch in the fall hardware event. Though there is a lack of strong details and information on the smartwatch, few reports and rumours from various sources like give us an insight into the world of the Pixel watch.

1. The launch of Pixel watch will be exclusive as it will be something made and designed exclusively by Google, unlike the previous ones that partnered with LG.

2. It was learned Google has been investing time in the development of three different Wear OS devices, each of them being variants of a single device.

3. Pixel branded smartwatch will get VoLTE, GPS and LTE inbuilt. Even with some variants, you will get Heart Sensors, health features and stress trackers.

4. The watches will get Snapdragon’s Wear 3100 combined with Adreno 304 GPU and ARM Cortex A7 architecture for a really impressive performance.

5. The smartwatch might just even be the change we were all looking for and will replace passwords with itself being the physical security key. Confusions of multiple unsafe passwords can soon be eliminated.

6. Google assistant may be there for you always with the always-on feature.

7. Unlike the other bulky smartwatches that use WearOS, Google Pixel is anticipated to be a sleeker and more stylish one. 8. Pixel smartwatch is hoped to change the poor battery life existing in most of the smartwatches in the market.

9. With 4th October being the release date of Google Pixel smartphones, the smartwatch may also get its announcement on the same day.

Are you excited for the release?