The smartwatch platform from Qualcomm will soon be available on market.

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It has been quite a while since the Snapdragon Wear 2100 chipset from Qualcomm has undergone an upgrade but finally, it has come down to 10th September as the date of the new release. A lot of members in the press have got the invites of the launch event that is slated to happen in San Francisco. Tech experts are speculating launch of new smartwatches as well which will serve as a platform for the upgraded chipset.

The senior director of wearables in Qualcomm, Pankaj Kedia stated how the company is looking up to bringing a totally refreshed chipset with improved battery life and enhanced fitness support with this model. Experts are predicting a processor size smaller than 28nm that will fit and work better with the smaller range of smartwatches.

When the SD Wear 2100 was released, it was quite a disappointment to see an outdated technology that only looked and felt like a modified Snapdragon 400, featured in the old smartwatches. This made the world wait more for the upgrade of the chipset.
Pankaj Kedia even expressed how they refurbished their architecture system after the launch of the Wear 2100 and understanding the need of the current market and users.

However, a lot of expectations are involved surrounding this release. One can expect multiple smartwatches running on the new chipset as the holiday season approaches.

Are you eagerly waiting for the big reveal?