The Safe-KID-One Watch Recalled by the European Commission

· 2 mins read

The European Commission has recalled the Safe-KID-One watch designed for children due to concerns regarding a potentially serious risk for its users. The watch is made by German company ENOX, and the details appeared in a weekly RAPEX report. Rapid Exchange of Information System (RAPEX) is an EU-based alert system for unsafe non-food products that cause serious health or safety risk.

The alert for the Safe-KID-One watch was submitted from Iceland, and it said that the product does not to comply with the Radio Equipment Directive. The report suggests the companion smartphone app for the watch was shown to have ‘unencrypted communications with its backend server and the server enables unauthenticated access to data.’ This implies that data such as location history, phone numbers and serial number can be easily accessed and altered. It could lead to risky situation such as unsupervised communication with the child wearing the device, tracking the location of the child through GPS and more. The report suggests a recall of the product from end users. Enox, however, responded to the recall order stating that the version of the watch was ready to go on sale as it was tested by the appropriate regulatory bodies in Germany and passed.

It further contested that the RAPEX report was based on tests carried out in Iceland which were ‘excessive – not reasonable, material or fair – or, based on a misunderstanding or the wrong product.’ It is apparently the first times that the RAPEX system has been used for data protection and privacy. Now a range of companies including Fitbit and Garmin are making wearables for kids. So, it is very important that the companies comply with all of the key regulations to ensure the safety of the devices.