The new Wear OS updated fixes the bugs

· 2 mins read

A huge number of devices and smartwatches are running on the Wear OS, and to everyone’s anticipation, a new update for the popular OS has been announced by Google. Improvement in the field of Google Pay and fixing of bugs is what we can expect from the update.

Google has launched a beta for the upcoming Android P and contactless payment system is where the change is happening. The app description read ‘quick starting Google Pay’ but did not describe anything further.

Payment gateway through the Apple Watch has always been much smoother in every way with time, so the tech world guesses an improvement that allows the instant launch of the payment system in the Wear OS.

Good news is, the Wear OS is improving not only in one sector as an impressive fix improves the time zone bug that has troubled a lot of users. Moreover, the older design of the menu has changed and improved quite well for elevating the user experience.

As claimed by Google, the User Interface is more intuitive and glanceable but pundits believe the upgrade to be quite minor in this field at least.

It’s sad that the users of Wear OS are still not catered for on iOS but this issue is supposed to be solved over the weeks that are approaching. As of yet, users of Wear OS can enjoy all the upgrades done by Google in their new application.