The new Garmin Quatix 6X Solar for those who love adventurous boating

· 3 mins read

The revamped Quatix 6X Solar from Garmin is solar-powered and that means you get long battery life for your boating adventures from this sports watch. There are different sections for various activities like boating, sailing, fishing or cruising. There are options for other water sports as well. All these functionalities are added to the most reliable sports watch from Garmin, Fenix 6. The Quatix 6X Solar is larger than Quatix 6X and has the case size of 51mm and the screen size is 1.4”. The Power Glass on the screen surface has invisible solar panels. The intensity of solar light and the charge levels are displayed on the main menu interface’s widget.

The battery life of Quatix 6X Solar is 21 days on smartwatch mode. It was just 14 days for the previous generation Quatix 6X. It is not just the addition of solar panels that has extended the 6X Solar’s battery life. The Power Manager on this smartwatch lets you control the settings and sensors, thereby facilitating a longer battery life. It also has a power saver mode that also helps in saving the battery to a great extent. The same technology is used in another smartwatch from Garmin — Fenix 6X Solar — that was launched last year. The Garmin VP for global consumer sales says, “We’re excited to introduce solar charging into the new Quatix 6 series, giving users everything they’ve come to know and love from this sophisticated and connected marine smartwatch series, now with even longer battery life performance. Because of its unique power-replenishing technology, the Quatix 6X Solar gives mariners more on-wrist time to enjoy their favourite activities both on the water and on land.” The size of the case and the features packed in Quatix is the same as that seen on Garmin Fenix, just that Quatix focuses more on water spots.

So you get the basic monitors like heart rate, GPS, VO2 Max, pulse oximeter, HRV stats etc. It can also track your runs, hiking, golf as well as cycling which is similar to the Fenix. Quatix links you to Garmin Chartplotters that will provide data on various boating metrics like speed, temperature etc on your wrist. It also facilitates the autopilot of the boat from Quatix. All these are in addition to the SailAssist data that gives information on Bluechart G3 mapping, waypoint marking etc. The TOPO seen on other Garmin outdoor watches is also available. The cost of Garmin Quatix 6X Solar is 83,500 INR. It is on sale now.