The New Apple’s Air tag

· 1 min read

Apple introduces the new Apple Air tag that brushes the vast global network through Find Myapp and helps to locate your lost items or valuables with notifications on your IOS devices. The Apple Air Tag is a super-smart classic round tag that can be attached to any of the items like bags, keys, and stuff to shield it with apple security.

Air tag helps to locate the lost item through the FindMyapp, all this is done with end-to-end encryptions, therefore the location data is strictly is private. Just like most of the Apple gadgets the Air tag is also aimed only towards the iPhone users. In terms of design, Apple has never failed to impress the users with sleek looks and subtle colors and so is the Air tag.

The Air tag is nice and round just like a classic button and can be personalized with Emoji, colors according to the user’s choice. The Air tag can be purchased in one and four packs for just INR 3190 and INR 10900, respectively.