The new app that will turn your Apple Watch into your personal trainer The trainer is not very cheap though

· 2 mins read

The Apple Watch has a new personal training app, DeltaTrainer, that can coach you and personalise your training using the data it reads from your smartwatch. The app is not a cheap one. At 7,000 INR a month, it offers you the services of a human personal trainer who gets data straight off your wrist to design a customised training plan to meet your goals. You will also get an Apple Watch Series 3 free of charge when you sign up. Like gym wearables such as Whoop Strap 3.0, the DeltaTrainer uses the sensors on your wrist to monitor your workouts and the data is shared with your remote physical trainer.

The physical trainer will be able to deduce a schedule and a personalised training for you from the data on your performance. The workouts are guided using audio instructions. The watch will be able to detect when a particular set of workouts has begun. There are also guides to every workout available on the watch. The most impressive thing on the DeltaTrainer spec sheet is the amount of data collected from the wrist. The app can measure explosiveness, fatigue, form, power output, heart rate, and calories burned. All these data will be a part of your performance overview which will be shared with your physical trainer. These features make DeltaTrainer an outstanding fitness tracker. Accurate fitness tracking has been a difficult task for wearables from the very beginning. Tracking the form of a pull-up or press-up from one data point on the wrist has never been easy.

Even the rep counting goes wrong at times, let alone getting all these extra data. The service costs 7,000 INR per month and you get an Apple Watch with the plan. For those who own an Apple Watch, the price is still the same for the app. There is no obligation or minimal contract and there is a 30-day free trial as well. With the improved accelerometer in Apple Watch Series 4 and Series 5 providing better accuracy on features like fall detection, it will be interesting to know the efficiency in data extracted. The price is nearly as much as a real human personal trainer – at least for a couple of sessions a month. But for those who have no access to a gym, the DeltaTrainer may be the best option as there is the option for trial with no obligations.