The new 1,20,000 INR high-end standalone headset from Oculus

· 2 mins read

The wait for the Oculus’ Santa Cruz standalone VR headset is now officially over. At the Oculus Connect 5, Mark Zuckerberg announced the launch of the high-end standalone device called the Oculus Quest. This VR headset priced at 1,20,000 INR will be available to customers in Spring 2019. More than 50 launch titles and Oculus Touch controllers will come with this standalone device. During the launch of the device, Zuckerberg spoke about the features absolutely essential for a great VR experience. The features are 6DoF (degrees of freedom) for true movement, standalone wireless headset, and hand presence. According to Zuckerberg the Oculus Quest meets all the three essential criteria. He said that the Quest was the final piece of the product puzzle for Oculus.

The device features hand presence with the Touch controllers, 6DoF, built-in audio with deep bass as well as 64GB of storage. It has a display resolution of 1600 x 1440 per eye and lens-spacing adjustment options. When compared with Santa Cruz Go or Rift, Quest has a more curved body. Plus, it features four wide-angle sensors that check corners, edges, and other features in the environment. The sensors determine the location of your head every millisecond by building a map and combining it with the data obtained from the gyroscope. This technology called Tech Insight is being tested in different kinds of home spaces. The sensors in Oculus Quest can detect numerous objects even in 4000 square feet rooms. Insight supports multi-room guardian, which allows you to use your device in your home, office, friend’s place or anywhere else. It will remember the guardian set up for each location.

The touch controllers of Oculus are compatible with Rift. While Go offers quality VR experiences at an affordable price and Rift connected to a PC delivers the highest quality of experience, Quest gives a standalone experience with Rift-like experience. While talking about the device, Zuckerberg went on to add how the three devices were platforms which can be modified, updated or upgraded in the future. Oculus Quest is more than a VR device, it is capable of mixed reality. The platform allows users to simultaneously view a digital version of a room and check on their messenger notifications. Stay tuned to know more about this new VR platform from Oculus.