The latest Casio Pro Trek Smart Smartwatch Comes with a Heart Rate Monitor

ยท 2 mins read

Casio has launched its latest Pro Trek Smart smartwatch and it features an optical-based heart rate monitor. It is actually for the first time that Casio is bring this health feature to one of its Wear OS watches. The Pro Trek Smart WSD-F21HR also includes a new Heart Rate watch face that switches to the heart rate monitor screen when it detects any movement via the accelerometer motion sensor.

It has a durable design that is built to military standards and is waterproof up to 50 metres. Just like the last Pro Trek, it still has a dual-layer display, built-in GPS and the ability to download offline maps. The WSD-F21HR runs on Google’s Wear OS, so you get access to Wear features such as customisable watch faces, notifications, ability to download apps and Google Assistant support. The smartwatch includes an enhanced version of Casio’s Activity App, so you now have profiles for running and trail running. You can customise the data shown in these running profiles to include heart rate data as well.

Battery life has not seen a huge improvement, you will get 1.5 days of battery in normal mode (without GPS), 20 hours with GPS and heart rate monitor and almost a month if you use it to just view time. The WSD-F21HR will launch in September and will be available for 40,000 INR, which is the same price as the Casio Pro Trek Smart WSD-F30.