The Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 – Newer and Less “Dorky”

· 1 min read

The original Google glass did not do too well with consumers due to privacy issues ultimately forcing the company to market it just as a business product. The new Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 like the previous version is targeted for business use.

It runs on the Qualcomm’s Snapdragon XR1 chip, which is made for VR and AR products and so is faster. The Google glass basically behaves as a heads-up display and projects images into the wearers eye. Its function can be termed “assisted reality”. For this new edition, Smiths optics has been taken on as a partner, as so these glasses come with better looking frames that make the wearer look less dorky. The Enterprise Edition 2 has a bigger battery, better camera and runs on android. Android Enterprise Mobile Device Management has also been added by Google.

Although Google appears to be taking the Glass serious, there is still nothing for consumers, and it may be a long wait. Costing 72,500 INR, Enterprise Edition 2 is cheaper than the Google Glass (1,16,000 INR). It is of course cheaper for Google partners.