The Future of MagicLeap

· 1 min read

LeapCon, the first ever developer conference by Magic Leap is underway and during the show’s keynote address CEO Rony Abovitz and other execs gave us a peak into the future of the company’s AR tech.

The Magic Leap One: Creator Edition headset was released earlier this year, so that developers can build on it and come up with a consumer-ready model at the earliest. AtLeapCon, Magic Leap promised the arrival of its mixed reality goggles by the end of 2019. The goggles will feature avatar personalization and support for video streaming tech MPEG-DASH. In the first quarter of 2019, Magic Leap says it will add iris detection login and support for two controllers with six degrees of freedom. In addition, something called ‘large scale mapping’ is also in the offering early next year. They adding a spectator view mode so that others can view on their smartphones what you see in the headset.

The company is also working on object recognition, so Magic will tell you if something is in the way and what it is. MagicLeap will allow developers to write apps in Javascript which just means that you will get more apps and games in your kitty.