The Fitbit app that tells Versa 2 users how much they or their partners snore

· 2 mins read

Fitbit has introduced a new beta app for Fitbit Versa 2 users to monitor their snores while asleep. The ‘Snore Detect Beta’ is available only for a limited time and to a small group of people. It can be installed from the Fitbit App Gallery. If you wear a smartwatch to bed, the microphone will listen into your snoring and the device will yield the results the next day.

The reports will include information on the intensity and duration of your snores or of the person or pet with whom you share the bed. The device will also give feedback on the other sound levels in your bedroom. The tracking of your snore will begin as soon as the Versa 2 detects that the user is asleep. If you want to manually start the snore detection, that option is also available in the device. The Sleep Score and its new Estimated Oxygen Variability make Fitbit Versa 2 one of the best sleep trackers in the market. But this is the first time the brand is using its trackers to monitor snoring. This is done mainly by exploiting the unique feature of Versa 2 that is, to pick up noises at night with its in-built microphone. All other Fitbit smartwatches do not have a built-in microphone. Sleep tracking has been the strength of Fitbit smartwatches compared to its competitors. If you are willing to close your eyes to the potential privacy issues, the snore tracker is a commendable addition to the smartwatch.

Fitbit may not make it a standalone feature, but it is a bold step to include it to aid sleep tracking. Any new developments in Fitbit smartwatches should be welcomed at the moment as many other long-awaited new features such as sleep apnea detector are unlikely to be introduced until Google takes over the company. We recommend that you act fast in order to get hold of this interesting tracker.