The first of its kind: Dawg Tag is a wearable for your pet

ยท 2 mins read

People love pets just as much as they love their family, and that has led to a high demand for wearable devices designed for pets like GPS trackers and devices to track the fitness activity of dogs.

Though people like to keep their canine friend fit and healthy, a sudden change in temperature especially hotter temperatures create complications in their health rapidly. In a matter of minutes, heat stroke can cause the death of your dog if not understood well.

Dawg Tag was launched on Kickstarter which is the first wearable to keep a tab on the core temperature of your dog thus protecting him from risks of heat strokes. Heat is a primary damage causing factor for dogs and this affordable, rugged, and water resistant gizmo is designed to let you know the core temperature on the key points.

Another deadly factor which comes into play is humidity; Dawg Tag thus has humidity sensors that can understand the air humidity and let you take better care of your dog in every way possible.

The screen mounts on the back of your dog and has colour-coded readings for easier understanding even when your dog is at his full swing of playfulness.

An easier and non-damaging way to protect your dog from the rising temperatures, Dawg Tag can play as the ultimate saviour for you and your dog.