The final reveal: Watch OS 5 debuts on September 17th

· 2 mins read

September is near and so is the all-new Watch OS 5 for the Apple Watch users. September 17th is the decided date when users can upgrade their Apple Watch to the Watch OS 5. It has been quite a time, so significant upgrades to the older version are heavily expected, let’s have a look at them.

Activity Competitions is a new addition where you can challenge your mate for a 7-day competition on exercise. The activity ring marks your performance and the winner gets to add awards to his collection.

Auto recognition feature, on the other hand, mimics the ones present in Garmin and Fitbit where the watch will start recording as soon as it recognizes a workout you have started.

In terms of running, Outdoor Running was always there but now it can have a track of your Rolling Mile Pace. Now a tab on the cadence and a custom pace alert can be achieved with the new boost to outdoor running.

The new OS has eliminated the need of saying “Hey Siri” every single time and now comes with third-party software compatibility with Siri, thus making it more proactive. In addition to that, you will get a Walkie Talkie app where you can do high-quality voice communication with a friend and an Apple Podcast app to let you hear your favourite Podcasts on the go.