The consent bracelet named Buzz is about to change the dating game.

· 2 mins read

The sky is the limit when it comes to implementing wearable technology in various innovative and standout services. Previously, from the house of New Deal Design, we have got the hugely popular range of Fitbit trackers and know they have created Buzz, which is a bracelet that detects your level of alcohol intoxication and whether or not you are safe for consent.

Unlike the regular wearable alcohol monitors, Buzz comes in a range of bright colours and works as an alert for you as well as your date to aware you of the consent capacity. When you and your partner are wearing this attractive bracelet, information regarding consent and desire will be transferred to each other. In terms of safety, when you encounter something out of your comfort zone, all you need is a simple squeeze that works as an SOS to your network.

There have been instances when drunken people got involved in sexual abuse so this can come in as a saviour in those scenarios as well.

If you thought it’s all work no fun, then you are wrong as Buzz is smart enough to send flirtatious signals to each other. New Deal Design’s innovative approach makes it an all-around product for both fun and prevention against unforeseen sexual assaults.

With just 70 INR of annual subscription fee to pay, this free wearable is a perfect addition to your life. Wait for the 2019 Q2 as that is the designated launch time. Indeed a great device for your dating sessions.