The Best Apple Watch Deals of the Year

· 2 mins read

Predictably, Apple Watches are all the rage…what with attractive features and even more attractive prices! Both the Series 3 and 4 are now available with good discounts. Head over to Amazon and find the cheapest rates for Apple Watches, though Walmart and Best Buy came up with some affordable price lists too.

Some of the best deals are given below. We’ll keep you updated with the latest offers. Apple Watch Series 4 Deals The Apple Watch series 4 comes with a variety of improvements like enhanced fitness and health tracking. The new update includes an ECG app that can record your heart beat and rhythm to detect the early signs of diseases like atrial fibrillation. It has two all-new sizes—40 mm and 44mm which truly makes a notable difference. The haptic feedback (haptics) is, in fact, a useful addition especially for people with hearing disabilities. This was the first time that Apple properly changed the design of its smartwatch line. For this stylish piece of technology, we give 4.5/5. No wonder the series was awarded the 2018 Wearable and Smartwatch of the Year. Apple Watch Series 3 Deals The Apple Watch Series 3 might not be as feature-packed as Apple Watch series 4 is, but the discounts and classy looks are tempting enough.

Purchase one for less than 14,500 INR and use it in all-new ways. We felt that the older model deserves nothing less than 4 points. A detailed comparison of both models shows that they are both viable options. The elegant design and app ecosystem makes them popular. All you need to do is pick!