The all-new Xiaomi Watch Color Pretty similar to Amazfit GTR

· 3 mins read

Xiaomi’s smartwatch is a much-awaited one in the western shores but the company has already announced its second smartwatch which is Xiaomi Watch Color. It may seem like just adding color to the standard Mi Watch, but the Watch Color is quite different from the original. Xiaomi has released a teaser to promote its new watch on its website and at Weibo. The Watch Color has a round case and a bold, vibrant display. There is a range of straps available and Xiaomi claims that you can mix them up over 1500 combinations. But according to Gizmochina, there are 2 color options, 110 different dial variants, and seven different straps (six silicone and one alligator leather strap) to choose from. So if you mix them up, you can get a total of 1540 different combinations.

There will also be more dials in the future, so the number of combinations will increase. The Xiaomi Watch Color will be officially unveiled on January 3rd. But the specifications of the watch has already been leaked via the usual Xiaomi review sites in China. As per reports from Gizchina, there will be a 47mm case and it is speculated that there may be a 42mm case as well. The 47mm case is expected to have a 1.39-inch AMOLED display with a 454×454 resolution. Gizchina also says that the 420mAh battery of the Watch Color has a life of up to 14 days in smartwatch mode, on a single charge. The battery life is quite impressive for a device with such a smart display. We probably have to wait to know the OS on which the Watch Color will be running. We can only assume that they will be packing the same version of Wear OS that is seen on the Mi Watch. But if this is right, it is unlikely that a 14-day battery life will complement the usage of Wear OS. Like any other standard watch, there is an in-built GPS with a heart rate monitor and those two are linked by Firstbeat’s VO2 Max algorithm. So the runners will receive deep biometric insights. As far as sports tracking is concerned, there are about ten activities that can be tracked, says Gizchina Taking into account all the leaked features, it looks like the Watch Color is identical to the Amazfit GTR, and they share most of the specifications. If you look closely, both of them look identical too.

That is not an exciting prospect because the rating for Amazfit GTR is only 3-star due to its poor accuracy in heart rate measurement and its inability to provide standard smartwatch experience. So it boils down to the OS now. Amazfit uses its own OS which indicates a serious deficiency of apps. If Xiaomi Watch Color also goes the same way, the differentiation between the two will be even harder to fathom. Amazfit comes from Huami, of which Xiaomi is a subsidiary company. But Xiaomi has more popularity and recognition in the U.S. and Europe markets and this could be the reason behind releasing a watch similar to Amazfit GTR under Xiaomi tag. The specifications will be updated once we receive them.