The 65,000 INR Garmin Tactix Delta for the S.A.S types

· 2 mins read

If you are a Super Army Soldiers type who is rigorously hunting for a military-grade commercial smartwatch, then Garmin Tactix Delta should be your target. The Tactix Delta is an expensive watch priced at 65,000 INR and is the latest addition to the Garmin family of smartwatches which focuses on outdoor activities. And against all odds, it has managed to thrive for four generations.

The latest edition of the watch includes a 1.4-inch colour display with a resolution of 280 x 280 pixels and Garmin’s power management feature which predicts your battery life based on the features that are turned on in the watch. The battery life of the Tactix Delta is up to 21 days. But with the Battery Saver Watch Mode, the battery life is up to 80 days. The waterproof rating of Delta is 10ATM. Also, some of the tactical features from its predecessors which were popular are also packed in the new model. It will appear to be a fairly standard Garmin affair at the first sight on specifications. But if you go deeper into some of the hardcore features, you shall see all the difference. The ‘Stealth Mode’, also known as ‘Airplane Mode’ disables the storing and sharing of any information. This is a feature that best suits the users who are cautious about their privacy. There is also a ‘kill switch’ with which you can remove all the memory from the watch after a short countdown if security becomes an issue.

The Tactix Delta also has Garmin Pay which makes your payments quick and secure. The memory space is 32GB and it has a storage space for about 2000 songs. It is an Android and iPhone compatible watch and you can receive friendly notifications like, “Hey, hope the ultra-secret mission goes well ” with a smiley. Garmin Tactix Delta is now available for you to buy.