Tanita invented a stench scale for handling your stinking problems.

· 2 mins read

We all know what body odour is, what we do not know is the intensity of the impact it can have on people around you. A stinking odour can push away people for a very long time and that can be a big ordeal. Though the solution to this problem is proper hygiene, often we do not have a clear understanding of the stinking nature unless pointed out by close people.

Sumeru harasumento or smell harassment as told by Japanese, their subway system is the most affected with this displeasure. Even at times too much use of cologne also becomes an issue to dislike.

The stench scale developed by Tanita is here to be your saviour and inform you whether you are stinking or not. Try flipping out the sensor and pointing it towards your armpits, the device will rate you on 10 on the intensity of your smell. Tanita ES-100 is even smart enough to let you know when cologne or perfume has crossed the limits.

It comes with replaceable sensors that mimic the ones used in alcohol breathalyzers from the same brand. Now, these sensors are capable of detecting the chemical compound coming out of your sweat glands and rate you on basis of that.

Tanita’s target customers are the people who are in their 40s and 50s, the ones who get insecure about their stink a lot.