Talasm: A jewellery for emergency times.

ยท 2 mins read

Wearables that can come in handy during distress and help you get connected with people more is the choice of the world. A New York-based start-up came up with the Talsam wearable, a necklace that helps you connect, grow intimacy and even keep you safe from uncomfortable situations.

The innovative design features beautiful looking semi-precious stones blended with six Swarovski crystals which make it extremely elegant. The necklace doubles up as a bracelet and owing to its unisex design, both men and women can flaunt it in every occasion.

Talsam is the glowing Talisman you can wear around your neck with which you can exchange personal messages and emojis through the feature loaded smartphone application. In addition to that, every-time you have a notification, the wearable lights up in a glowing manner.

Now, there have been numerous panic buttons but when a discreet wearable serves the purpose it is, even more, user-friendly and exciting. With Talsam, in times of emergency, you can send out SOS and let your friends and family know about your location with just a press of a button.

What makes Talsam different from other safety devices is that it looks really appealing, it can be worn, it can help you get more comfortable with people, and even take you out of an uncomfortable situation.