Swim Goggles Form AR Adds Open Water Tracking; Ability to Interact with Garmin and Apple Devices

· 2 mins read

Form swim goggles that caught the attention of the market with the use of augmented reality have brought some useful features for their users through a software update. The goggles now can track open water swimming, harvesting data from paired Apple Watch or Garmin devices. The swimming goggles have garnered positive reviews and are being praised for pool-oriented features like split times, stroke rate and distance etc.

The present update enables the swimming goggles to use the heart rate data and GPS onboard the watch bringing those data to the screen and adding more useful insights during the swim. At present, the features are limited to Garmin Forerunner 945, Garmin Fenix 6 and Fenix 5S Plus, while there is broader compatibility with Apple Watches, including Series 5, 4 as well as 3. Dan Eisenhardt, CEO and founder of Form justifies this move as it was one of the most requested features by the users since the launch of the device. He adds that the update was timed around summer as outdoor swimming is more rampant now to help fight the heat. Also, this would help swimmers locked away from pools due to CoViD-19 restrictions, who have easier access to open waters. The CEO also adds that this would complete the experience provided by the Form goggles, covering both pool and open waters.

To access the newly introduced features, you would need to update the firmware first, and then pair the goggle with your smartwatch. It adds a badge to Form, which is already the market’s favourite among AR swim eyewear. As promised, the Form Goggles now provide you a more complete experience, reliable readings, a solid companion app, ability to integrate with established sports trackers like Strava. The 14,500 INR price tag limits it to passionate swimmers though.