Strava Routes Helps You Find New Places to Run and Cycle

· 2 mins read

Strava Routes is a premium service that’s offered to Summit subscribers. It is compatible with selected GPS running watches and most Garmin models. Wahoo users can benefit from this app as it automatically syncs with this company’s cycle computers. This app helps you find the type of terrain that you prefer for your workout or avoid the terrain that you don’t want to run or cycle on. Strava Routes uses heat maps to identify the right terrains.

It also uses elevation data from OpenStreetMap, one of the largest open-source databases of terrain data. This feature doesn’t just tell you which route to take, but also crunches the data to give you an overview of the possible workout. It will calculate the time you will need to cover the route based on your average pace and type of terrain. Strava Routes also shows you a topographical view of the terrain and elevation. The best thing about this app is that you can overlay the heatmap on the route. It will give you an approximate idea of the number of people on the route.

A very helpful feature, especially during pandemic times when you need to maintain social distance. Simon Klima, Head of UK Strava while speaking about this app says, “Routes uses Strava’s pool of recorded activities to provide high quality route recommendations personalized to athletes’ preferences for location, distance, surface type (pavement or dirt) and hilly or flat terrain. This data comes from the 3bn activities uploads to the platform.”