STATSports has released APEX Athlete series for soccer practices.

· 2 mins read

One cannot deny the fact that tracking the performance while playing soccer is very important, especially for the amateur players as it helps them to improve in a multiple numbers of ways. Well, STATSports has brought a new wearable device in the market which promises to measure your performance efficiently when you are busy playing soccer and practicing your moves. The device is meant to be placed on the vest in between the shoulder blades. From there, it will run an analysis on a variety of data including your speed, probability of injury, fitness as well as fatigue. Named APEX Athlete series, this device has already made headlines due to its proficiency in tracking the stats.

Based on North Ireland, the STATSports supplies its excellent devices to some of the best teams in the world in different sports. The company has also signed a deal with US Soccer Federation for supplying 6500 APEX GPS tracking units. Plus, it has also formed a long-term partnership with Brazilian Football Squad for during 2018 World Cup. It has also supplied its devices to some other best teams in the world like Portugal, England, Germany and Belgium during the said tournament.

The Apex Athlete series wearable device is extraordinary and it is now available for worldwide purchasing at a price of 24,000 INR.