Snap’s New Spectacles 2 Frames Get a Style Update

· 2 mins read

Enjoyed capturing stills and shooting videos with Snap’s spectacles, but weren’t a fan of the frame design? You can upgrade to Snap’s new Spectacle 2 frames – Nico and Veronica. Unlike the original design that featured circular tinted lenses, the two latest wearables from Snap have polarized lenses. The shades are water resistant with the camera and the LED ring on top of the frames. Capture 1,642 x 1,642 resolution photos and 1,216 x 1,216 resolution videos at 60fps using the built-in camera.

The shades also have a dual microphone for audio capture. With 4 GB storage capacity, it can store nearly 3000 photos or 150 videos. You can shoot up to 70 videos on one charge. Good news for Snap spectacle users is that you can now easily share the photos and videos captured by the specs with compatible apps. The recent software update allows you to customize your sharing options, allowing you to transfer captures to apps, third-party services, or to a phone. We are still waiting for data on the sales of the second-generation specs, but it is hoped that the new frames would improve the sales numbers. Snap Spectacles lost almost 290 crore INR in unsold inventory when the first gen of these shades didn’t do well in the market. It was almost around the same time when Mark Randall, Snap Inc’s vice president of hardware who was heading the Spectacles project quit the company.

The new Snap Spectacles 2 Nico and Veronica frames are available for 69,500 INR on the company’s website. The older version is also available in the website, in case you want to check it out. These frames will also be sold in Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom stores in the US and by select retailers in Europe. Snap, being cautious this time, only has a limited number of frames with plans to produce more depending on the sales. If you’ve already got your hands on the Nico and Veronica frames, let us know what you think about them.