Smart Contact Lenses Might Be A Reality Soon

ยท 1 min read

Samsung has landed another patent and this time it is for the development of smart contact lenses. It isn’t really a new thing as Google was working on the concept as far back as in 2014. The patent reveals that the proposed lenses will layer information directly onto the user’s vision and would also be useful for health tracking.

The document further explains through an example as to how these lenses could project light directly onto the user’s retina and deliver information visually. An external device will be transmitting this information to the lens. As far as the design is concerned, Samsung reveals a multi-layered lens with a tiny display unit mounted in its centre. The minute thin-film camera may capture even your exact viewpoint. The lenses feature in a motion sensor and a capacitor to power the display and components.

We do not have a clue regarding the user experience but from the design images it looks like the lenses may be compatible with a range of devices, or perhaps a companion app. It may take a while before Samsung actually puts forth a product but the patent filings suggest that the workings are underway.