SleepScore Labs comes out with an innovative smartphone app

ยท 2 mins read

If fitness trackers were failing to satisfy you with sleep tracking, the newest launch by the SleepScore Labs is fascinating. It is a mobile application that uses the microphone and speaker of your phone to accurately track your sleep and acquire various sleep data. Bats use echolocation system and the application will do something similar without taking any involvement from your side. A smartphone is truly your most faithful companion which goes with you wherever you go, thus this application is highly convenient when it comes to sleep tracking, even when you are away from your home. Inaudible sound waves are being created and sent by the speakers and further picked up by the microphone of the same phone. Mimicking the SONAR technology, here the person sleeping is the reflecting surface, thus highly accurate sleep tracking is guaranteed.

Algorithms are very precisely created letting the app pick up even the slightest of movements always. As it can track body movement and breathing rate, various information like sleep duration, deep sleep, light sleep etc can also be calculated.

Along with all the important information, REM sleep and an overall sleep score come in really helpful if you actually want to have a deeper insight into your sleep every night.

Already available for free on the Apple App Store, the Android version will start rolling out soon as well. No matter how long Android users will have to wait, it is certain that the wait will be worth it.