Sky Mobile Launches Smartwatch for Kids

· 1 min read

Sky Mobile has launched the Spacetalk watch for kids aged 5-12. The smartwatch features a 1.3-inch touchscreen display, GPS tracker and standard timekeeping features. It also contains a SIM card of its own. So, kids can make calls and receive calls and texts from pre-approved contacts lists.

The watch is splash-proof and comes with a choice of grey, pink or teal silicon band. Spacetalk has a battery life of 24 hours, so it needs regular charging. It doesn’t allow any form of additional app installation and has no social media linking. The smartwatch includes no camera either. Absence of these features may actually be a relief to parents.

As Sophia Ahmad, Director of Sky Mobile puts it: “With the new school term on the horizon, we wanted to reassure parents by launching a device which will help them keep an eye on their little ones, whether they are doing after-school activities or travelling to and from school alone.”