Say NO to rashes caused by smartwatches in just a few simple steps.

· 2 mins read

Fitness trackers are designed to be your ideal companion, sitting on your wrist and going through the day with you. Often this clinging nature results in unfortunate rashes and irritation in the skin. Though it’s not very clear for the reason of the rashes as every other person has a unique skin texture, a deeper insight can reveal some of the general causes for this discomfort.

The likes of Fitbit, Jawbone, Garmin and Polar are some of the popular names to face this issue. Let’s have a bit of knowledge behind the causes of the rashes.

Allergies contribute at a large in causing rashes to your skin. Manufacturers often use nickel for stainless steel which has a very high allergenic rate in North America. Numbers suggest a whopping 11 million children are allergic to nickel some way or the other. Choose straps which are soft and perforated in addition being nickel less.

Soaps are the second most primary cause of allergies as they have highly influencing chemical composition that gets trapped and causes reactions in the long run.

Sweat cannot be avoided but the amount increases when you are wearing your tracker too tightly. Now to avoid these hassles, there are a few steps which you can follow. Cleaning of the device regularly is extremely important to keep rashes away while allowing the tracker to get proper drying time is second to none important as well. Other factors like wearing the tracker in a loose fashion, not wearing it 24/7 and even changing hands at times can help you get to reduce the risks of rashes.