Samsung May Soon Launch A Hybrid

ยท 1 min read

Recently LetsGoDigital uncovered a patent filing by the Korean Giant, and it looks like Samsung might soon come up with a hybrid smartwatch. It opens up the possibility of a smartwatch with analog hands over a touchscreen. Samsung seems to have taken inspiration from the LG Watch W7 which combines modern smartwatch technology with traditional watch functionality.

According to LetsGoDigital, the patent granted by the USPTO has an extensive amount of detail. Samsung is going for a regular round smartwatch with the display sitting above the mechanical watch hands. The biggest benefit of a hybrid is that the wearable will function even after the smartwatch element is off. Samsung is even trying to ensure that smartwatch mode and analog mode are powered by two separate batteries.

The patent also outlines the possibility of a built-in digital camera at the top of the bezel, right next to an illumination sensor. You bet all of this stuff is interesting but like most patents, it might take a while before we see an actual hybrid model from Samsung.