Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 gets Handwashing and SmartThings Find Features

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Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 gets a new update and a host of new features. The flagship smartwatch now has support for Samsung SmartThings Find, which will help you locate your smartwatch in the event of misplacing it. You can find your smartwatch via the app, or in case you are an Alexa and Google Assistant user, you can use your voice to locate the lost device.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 features the Handwashing feature that helps you engage in regular clean up. It starts a 25 second times – giving you 5 seconds for applying soap and then 20 seconds to do the proper handwashing. The smartwatch comes with group walking challenge support so that you can enjoy a challenge with your friends especially during lockdown. Minor tweaks were made to the auto-workout detection feature too in order to ensure reduced kick-in time for running, rowing and elliptical workouts.

These features may sound a bit familiar and that is because the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 already got a similar update. Samsung has constantly strived to update it devices, for instance the Active 2 now incorporates ECG and blood pressure monitoring and these health features are available in the US, South Korea and Europe currently.