Samsung Galaxy planning to function on Tizen 4.0?

· 2 mins read

The much awaited and anticipated Samsung Galaxy Watch is all slated to release in their own event on the 9th of August. Though the news of the flagship is nearly confirmed, the platform on which it will run is still hidden in the clouds.

As reported by SamMobile, Tizen 4.0 can be the OS on the Samsung Galaxy Watch.

No one knows what features it might have but this looks very predictable as Samsung would like the OS to be their own Tizen and not Wear OS. It was the news from the reliable tech journalist Evan Blass that made everyone think twice on this perspective. According to him, employees from Samsung were seen wearing the Galaxy Watch which was running on Wear OS instead of any version of Tizen.

Ice Universe was the other reliable source who reported on the news that the watch will house Wear OS and not Tizen. Every news is seemingly shady but what we can witness is the launch of two smartwatches made by Samsung.

Again a confusion? No, the first one is the flagship of the brand, the Samsung Galaxy Watch while the other is the Pixel Watch for Google. As seen before with Pixel smartphones, Google is known for contracting other companies to manufacture their devices.

Now everything is falling in the right places, the Google Pixel Watch is likely to have upgraded Wear OS inside while the Samsung Galaxy Watch will use the Tizen 4.0 with pride. Maybe it was the Pixel Watch having Wear OS that the employees from Samsung were using.