Researches teamed-up to create a self-healing health wearable

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With the introduction of a research team trying their hand in Serious Health Wearable, the world will certainly witness a breathtaking change. Wolfson Faculty of Chemical Engineering is present at the Israel Institute of Technology and came up with an innovation of wearable monitors capable of detecting various early signs that can lead to worsening of health.

Although it seems more of a regular wearable that can track different important vitals of your body, the fact it is powered by body heat makes it unique in its own way. As you move, the wearable extracts its power from your movements and is even capable of self-repairing. Hospitals and similar institutions can take its advantages and can even turn out to be an effective non-invasive tool for monitoring of vitals.

Prof. Haick says, when the gadget detects irregular breathing intensity or heartbeat, it can make the patients aware, thereby eliminating signs of early damage. The flexible sensor of the self-repairing monitor will contain high conductivity electrodes and gold nano-particles in addition to a self-healing substrate.

Having said everything, the release date of the wearable is still undecided as the primary platform to assemble and create the lifesaving wearable is still unavailable.

Prof. Haick and his team are putting in efforts to bring this system into life and develop this extensively amazing device for the world.

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