Reports say Apple AirPower has overheating issues. Still no sign of the charging mat!

· 2 mins read

According to reports, Apple AirPower has overheating, interference, and communication issues, which are delaying its launch.
In September 2017, Apple’s all-in-one charging mat was first revealed with its launch date scheduled in 2018. This charging mat was designed to simultaneously charge Apple iPhone, Watch and the AirPod. But, so far, we haven’t got any updates about this charging mat.

In early February, there were whispers regarding the issues of this charging mat. John Gruber and Sonny Dickson claim that there are issues with the charging mat. Gruber says that the multi-coil design of the charging mat makes it too hot for it to charge the three devices at the same time. Also, with the three devices being placed together, there are interference issues.

The reports don’t indicate anything about the delay or the cancellation of the charging pad, but just that things are not looking good. Dickson said that it is “doomed to failure.” Also, there is no mention of AirPower on the website. Based on the reports and its non-mention on the website, we think that it is most likely that the company is looking at the various options. However, we may not expect to see the charging mat in the current form. The one plus of the delay is that the redesign could help reduce the price of the mat to around 15,000 INR.