Pregnancy tracking feature added to Garmin watches and Connect

· 2 mins read

Fitness tracker and watch makers have ignored women’s health for long, but now Fitbit, Apple and Garmin have all added menstrual cycle tracking as a standard on their devices. Now, Garmin is adding pregnancy tracking to its Garmin Connect app and a host of other devices. This new upgrade will allow women to monitor their reproductive health throughout their pregnancy. These new features can be found under Health Stats in Garmin Connect, where it’s grouped with Menstrual Cycle. Apart from the 3 cycle types (“Regular”, “Irregular” and “No Period”), you now have “Pregnant”.

Once you set it up, you can log symptoms such as dizziness, nausea and headaches, and baby movements such as kicks or hiccups. You can even get a summary of this data so that you can share it with your doctor at medical check-ups. In addition to exercise and nutrition tips, pregnant women will also get customized reminders for things such as drinking water, Kegel exercises, and more. Pregnancy tracking is available on Garmin devices such as the Garmin Venu, Vivoactive 4, Forerunner and Fenix series, via the Connect IQ store. You will also find a Contraction Timer app to input the duration and frequency of contractions during labor.

If you own a Vivomove hybrid smartwatch, you can access pregnancy tracking through the Women’s Health Tracking widget. Also, if you have used Garmin’s fitness training programs before your pregnancy, you can easily pause the training status for the entire duration of your pregnancy so you won’t get implications that you are not meeting your fitness goals. The app alerts one to high heart rates so that the doctor can be informed in case of any concerns. Garmin has been vocal about the fact that this new feature has been created “for women by women”.