PowerWatch 2 is on a roll Heart rate tracker, GPS and Long battery life

· 2 mins read

You need not charge a Matrix PowerWatch 2 ever. This watch, taking a different route from the traditional charging technologies, draws power from your body heat — thermo-electric power — to charge its battery. PowerWatch2 can also be charged using solar power. The solar rim around the display will use solar energy to charge the phone. The two technologies, solar and thermo-electric charging, together make it impossible for the watch to run out of power. This makes the PowerWatch2 quite useful in tracking sleep patterns.

The deficiencies in features of its successor, PowerWatch, is taken care of in PowerWatch2. The heart-rate monitor and GPS in PowerWatch 2 make it a good tracker of health and fitness. It also uses the data on heart rate for calorie counting, and the results are pretty accurate. Better water resistance, sleep tracking, activity tracking, smart notification, calorie counter, step counter and a full-colour display are the other commendable features, but to be expected in a smartwatch. PowerWatch 2 has a rugged design. The display screen diameter is 47mm with a thickness of 16mm. The watch weighs around 70g. There are four buttons on the side of the display for access and control of features.

The PowerWatch 2 is compatible with Android and iOS operating systems, and third-party health and fitness platforms like Google Fit and Apple Health runs perfectly fine in the watch. According to Matrix co-founder and CEO Akram Boukai, Matrix is working on automatic workout detection for running, cycling and swimming, which will come in a firmware update post-release. The PowerWatch 2 is available at the price of  36,000 INR. Watch our space for a more detailed review of the watch by next week.