PowerWatch 2 decks up with solar power, heart rate and GPS

ยท 1 min read

Matrix’s original PowerWatch was an interesting device with its application of thermoelectrics to power the device instead of the conventional charging method. But there ended pretty much all that was interesting about the smartwatch. But the new PowerWatch 2 is here to deliver everything that its predecessor did not!

It comes with GPS, heart rate monitoring and water resistance to an improved 200 meters. It also features a full-color display and is solar powered. According to Matrix co-founder and CEO Akram Boukai , the PowerWatch 2 with its capability to use thermoelectrics and solar power may never run out of charge. The company is trying to tie the heart rate data to its calorie counting data for better fitness metrics. Matrix is also trying to incorporate automatic workout detection for running, cycling and swimming.

The PowerWatch 2 will now feature a rugged design with four buttons for control. It weighs as much as the original PowerWatch but is thinner. The smartwatch is estimated to ship in June, and you can get the PowerWatch 2 on Indiegogo for an early-bird price of 15,000 INR (which is 21,000 INR less than its full 36,000 INR price).