Polar Unveils Vantage M and V Sports Watches

· 2 mins read

Polar recently unveiled the Vantage V, successor to the Polar V800 and a new entry-level multisport watch, the Vantage M. These GPS running watches have the propriety heart rate technology, the Polar Prime Precision that offers advanced heart rate tracking. The technology uses three methods to calculate the heart rate accurately. The two new watches will have nine optical channels that use different colors and light wavelengths, 3D acceleration and electric sensor, which measures skin contact quality. There are a few differences between Vantage V and M. Vantage V is designed with advanced features such as the Polar’s Running Power, Training Load Pro, Recovery Pro, and Running Index.

Polar’s Running Power calculates the power produced by the user while running and Recovery Pro indicates the balance that you will need to create between exercise and rest. Training Load Pro collates details of muscular load, perceived load and cardiovascular load to give you an idea of what your body is going through while you are exercising. The Running Index monitors sleep, tracks heart rate, and calculates swim metric. It also has free running programs that give you more insights. Though it has an always-on touch screen display, the Polar Vantage V battery can power the device for up to 40 hours continuously. The Vantage M is for those users who don’t want very advanced features. This multisport watch has all the above features as well as Polar Precision Prime heart monitoring, but doesn’t have the wrist-based Running Power feature.

However, users who want to use this feature can use a compatible third-party power meter. This smartwatch offers tracking for more than 130 sports just like Vantage V. It stays powered for up to 30 hours of continuous training. You can preorder Vantage M from the Polar store from today. It is priced at 42,500 INR. The small and medium sizes are available with black or white straps while the medium/large sizes come with white, black, or red strap. Vantage V, priced at 87,000 INR, comes with white, black, or orange strap. Users can also get the Vantage V bundle for 40,000 INR, which includes a Polar H10 chest strap. We still don’t know the launch date of these new watches, but stay tuned for our first impressions once the watches are revealed.