Polar joins hand with Form to introduce heart rate technology in the latter’s AR Goggles. AR swimming wearable will work with Polar’s OH1+ sensor

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Form, along with Polar has finally incorporated heart rate monitoring to the AR goggles that Form had launched in September last year. This will now help the swimmers track their heart rate in real-time. Both the goggles and the heart rate sensors are to be bought to make it work though. The Form goggles have a transparent AR display which can also display the performance metrics in real-time such as split times, stroke count and lap counts.

The Polar OH1 and OH1+ are optical heart rate monitors that are straightforward, comfortable and adaptable. Swimmers with Form swim goggles can pair them up with either Polar OH1 or Polar OH1+ optical heart rate monitors. These monitors can be clipped on to a strap of the goggles. The paired duo works such that it fetches data from heart rate monitor and transmits the data wirelessly to the goggles which allow the swimmers to view heart rate data while swimming. Polar OH1 and OH1+ have free software update from Form. This technology is sure to bring an effective and more efficient training as well as precision for swimmers by offering an insight into the intensity and effort level put in by him during their line of action.

The HR data can be added to your session’s data by syncing the goggles with an Android or iOS app. “FORM has worked closely with Polar since 2018 to enable this functionality,” said Dan Eisenhardt, founder and CEO of Form. “We’ve done extensive testing in the pool with swimmers of all levels, including elite competitive swimmers, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results.”