Polar Ignite – the New Name in Fitness

· 2 mins read

Polar has come up with the Ignite which is a waterproof sports watch with integrated GPS. It takes into consideration your sleep quality so that you can train better. The Ignite features Polar’s new Precision Prime optical heart rate monitor and can track up to 100 indoor and outdoor activities. Polar is focussed on the mechanism of the autonomic nervous system which determines how your body is responding to workouts.

It calculates the ANS score by tracking resting heart rate, heart rate variability and respiration rate. In addition, the new Sleep Plus Stages feature will give out a sleep score. The Ignite also features something called Nightly Recharge which is an overnight recovery measurement to indicate you how well you’ve recovered from the demands of your day. The ANS and sleep scores together determine how ready you are to get into your workout sessions and how to optimize your routine for best results. “Most companies in the sleep tracking game are only looking at the quality of the sleep, and that’s important, and we do that, but we’re also looking at the degree of recovery of the autonomic nervous system,” Polar USA president Tom Fowler told Wareable.

Polar’s Vantage watches will aslo get these new features by October, but a feature called FitSpark will remain exclusive to the Ignite. FitSpark provides adaptive, personalised advice and exercise suggestions on the basis of your fitness level, training history and Nightly Recharge measurements. “This is not a toy for people who are dabbling around. It really hits the buttons for performance,” said Fowler. “As opposed to the Vantage, which is for hardcore athletes, it’s really for the fitness customer.”