PetBit – A tracker for keeping a watch on your pet.

ยท 2 mins read

If fitness trackers have made your life all easier, Xiaomi’s latest game changer, the Petbit is designed to make life easier for your furry friends as well.

Attaching it to the dog collar, Petbit will track movements of your pet, give you information on his location along with vital statistics on calories burnt and distance travelled. All the more interesting, the IPX7 rating keeps the device safe from rain and splashes in any given condition.

A standout feature of the Petbit is the blue light that helps you keep a tab on your pet’s location when he is on the move during night times. It also comes with a QR code that can be tracked by anyone who needs information about the owner is. This feature comes in handy for times when your pet loses his track and wanders wildly here and there.

Although the features sound similar to multiple pet trackers in the market, the appealing price tag of 2,500 INR is what makes this all the more amazing. Also, it is free of any subscription fees required for location tracking for devices manufactured by other brands.

Charge it once and you can track your pet for roughly 30 days as it comes with a power saving mode which you can control.

As of yet, we have information about the China release and no strong news about the international release of this amazing little pet tracker from the Chinese tech giant.