Pentagon prevents the use of location-based fitness devices.

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With wearables and fitness trackers reaching new heights in terms of technology and functionality, somehow the location tracking fitness devices affected the US Military troops at large. Owing to the smart location tracking on various devices, the Pentagon has finally released policy memo that read no troops are allowed to use location tracking fitness devices, smart watches and smartphones.

Back in January 2018, the Pentagon did review their policies and they understood how the posting of exercise data on Strava is revealing various top-secret military locations. Though this was never the intention, this practice has been raising security concerns as somehow it is compromising information about the locations.

Strava is a popular platform for health enthusiasts as well as fitness freaks and their Global Heatmap has gained great popularity as it zeroes down on a location where you can attempt your next jog or adventure. Though the map on Strava is not live, it very well displays a pattern of combined activities. This feature has unintentionally pointed out multiple top-secret locations which were supposed to be kept under the radar.

The latest order gives the military leaders the authority to decide whether or not the soldiers in that particular location are allowed to use GPS function in their gadgets. As one can expect, it will be totally dependent on the security threat of the area. For the sake of the safety of the mankind, such a firm decision was needed.