OPPO unveils the Enco Air True Wireless Stereo Earphones

ยท 2 mins read

The Oppo Enco air TWS comes in a translucent case, in two colors, black and white. The Oppo is probably one of the early teams to venture into the wireless pod’s category and DBEE 1.0 Sound systems. Now, there are many advancements and Oppo has decided to launch a great pair of in-ear pods with DBEE 3.0 sound systems. The main criterion for any earphones or pods is one the sound quality and two the battery charge.

In that aspect, Oppo Enco offers you a 24-hour playback charging with a 44 mAh (earphones) and 535 mAh (charging case) and a speaker sensitivity of 104Db. There is also a bass booster in the earpods for that extra special effects. Typically all the latest earpods now come up with noise cancellation and most of the above-mentioned specs and Oppo Enco is one among them. There are noise cancellation adjustments, Bluetooth ( BT 5.0) that is sensitive up to 10 ft.

The Oppo Enco earpods or earphones are also resistant to dust and water with an IP54 rating. The official date or launch news in India is unclear for now, but converting the Chinese price of the Oppo Enco Air TWS to INR, sums to Rs. 3400. That is a lot cheaper and awaiting to test the Oppo Enco earpods soon.